September 2015 Newsletter

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of news letters over the past few months, with a busy schedule time has just galloped by.

This year has seen some dramatic changes to the course, with the construction of the desert areas on the 1st, 2nd and 9th, the removal of some and the reconstruction of many bunkers, , especially on the back nine which are just about finished, and the construction of a new area between the 15th and 16th which will provide a division between the two fairways with a planted area of trees and shrubs, this will be planted during the winter and spring when we have more time for this sort of work.

We will be creating more desert areas and with the removal of the sprinklers in these parts, we will be better able to manage the water to the essential areas, as I’m sure you are aware this year’s weather has been catastrophic for the course’s water supply. We will also be planting more trees on the front 9, particularly in the area of the first green which suffers badly with wind burn, the new trees will provide a wind break to alleviate this.

The competitions have gone well this year and I would like to thank our sponsors for all their support and funding of great prizes for the winners and runners up. The annual MABS open day was a fantastic success, with once again a record sum being raised on the day. A first for this year will be the FAST open day on September the 12th and we are looking forward to what we know will be a great day in support of this excellent cause.

Perhaps we should reflect on some bad times this year with the passing of some dear friends and Club members. I am sure that our thoughts are with all their families.

The shop continues to be well supported and we expect to gradually expand the range of stock available at competitive prices.

Lastly and on a slightly different note, we have made a decision that with the exception of those who currently have the concession to use their own personal solo use buggies on the course, who will be able to continue with their use for as long as they wish. No further personal buggies will be allowed on the course. We offer a very good deal on the clubs own buggies with the voucher scheme which provides a significant discount on buggy rental.

Thank you for you continued support and patience.

Colin Dorsett